Sleek and Chic

Oh engagement sessions... how we love you! Meet Abe and Kristin! This adorable couple contacted us a few months back to be their wedding photographers. We chatted on the phone to learn more about their story and personalities. Normally, we like to take our couples out to dinner to get to know them, but with Covid, a phone conversation had to do. She explained their style and her desire to keep the shoot sophisticated and debonair. With that in mind, we decided to use downtown Lafayette for our location. To stay true to the style of the shoot, we adjusted some of our initially planned shots, based off of their outfits. With her first outfit, a fitted mid calf, white dress, we chose backgrounds that would contrast with her look, to make her stand out. Her second dress was a stunning floor length, blue-green dress. Abe's classic khaki pants with a green shirt complimented her look flawlessly. The icing on the cake was the beautiful Louisiana sunset that illuminated their silhouettes. Abe and Kristen were absolute pros and made this session a breeze! It didn't take much to get them laughing and sharing sweet stories about their relationship. It felt like we had been friends all along, and we can't wait to capture their wedding day! To be continued!