Meet Ella

Who doesn't love a good surprise?! This was one of the best ones we've been a part of! It started with a mama, determined to make sure her daughter felt loved and celebrated, despite being quarantined for such a momentous birthday.

The plan was flawless! They presented her with a card in the morning, filled with beautiful wishes, and at the end, told her to be ready at 5pm for a photo shoot. Her heart would've been content with just that gift, since she had decided to get dressed up for her special day, regardless if she had anywhere to go. Her beautiful dress, from Altar'd State, was selected months before and looked absolutely perfect on her!

The idea was to get her outside, taking photos, and a caravan of friends and family would drive up and surprise her.... and that's exactly what happened! We had just enough time to shoot her captivating smile in that stunning dress, before the line of honking cars took her by surprise. Her precious expression brought tears to our eyes, and it was definitely a memory she will never forget. It's one we will hold dear to as well.

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