Mother's Day Blessing

We had the absolute pleasure to honor several deserving single moms in the Acadiana area, with a mini session! We chose a central location at the LITE Center (Louisiana Immersive Technology Enterprise) - the building with the big colorful egg. When doing mini family sessions, we try to take into consideration that the families may be large or small.. and might need different surfaces/landscapes to fit their needs. This was perfect because we had a few crawling little ones. Plus, in South Louisiana.. you know the heat can be a little overwhelming so we wanted to make sure we started in doors, and finished outside against the wood wall. on our second day of shooting, it was actually storming, so we made due with all the glass and metal textures inside.

Because most of these families hadn't had a photo shoot before, or maybe not for a very long time, we made sure to take formal portraits. We also tried to focus on capturing each family's personality dynamic, to get those genuine smiles and laughs! What made these quick sessions so sweet, was getting to hear a little bit about each of these super moms and their awesome kids. For some of them, single parenthood is a relatively new way of life. Whether by divorce or death of a spouse, they are taking on their new motherhood roles, (with all it's challenges) and doing it with great strength and grace. Although it was quick, each of the families definitely left a mark on our hearts, and we have yet another memorable experience in the books.