Senior Session

Spring time brings showers, new flower growth and senior photo shoots! Of course, this year has been a little different with the Covid-19 virus prohibiting our line of work. Thankfully we were able to resume shooting last week, with protective guidelines in place for us as well as the client. And this young lady, is no ordinary client.

Meet Allyssa! Graduating class of 2020, from Westminster Christian Academy as Historian and heading to college in the fall. I'd love to tell you where, but it's a surprise to her friends and family, so we don't want to spoil it. (Although, the photos we took of the announcement were adorable!) Her list of accolades and activities she participated in are long and definitely noteworthy. She's a special one, she is! And what makes this shoot so sentimental, is the history we have with her family. We met Allyssa when she was just 2 years old, and we had the pleasure of capturing her parents' surprise proposal and then also their wedding day. It's our absolute pleasure to have watched her grow in beauty and grace, and then be able to document her senior photos! (Yes, we cried).

When we consulted with Lyss on this shoot, she didn't want the typical field of flowers and modelesque poses. It's not her personality. We want to make sure every shoot we do accurately portrays who the client is and tells their genuine story. So we came up with the idea to focus on her favorite past-time and allow that charming personality to shine through.... with books. The girl loves to read! She's going to be an English major for crying out loud! We had to incorporate that into our shoot, (would've been at the library, but the virus closed them) to give her comfort and authenticity. It came out better than we imagined! We took advantage of downtown Lafayette, with simple monochrome textures and side street parking lots with walls of climbing ivy. Our final destination was at the LITE center. The setting sun was perfect to shine through grated partitions that created a unique gobo (go before optics). Outside enabled us to use glass, wood and stone to finish off her cap and gown portraits. The lighting was fantastic, weather was perfect and her smile captivated our hearts! Another sweet memory we'll always have.