Meet Betchina!

We were able to meet this sweet girl 6 years ago, when she was just 10 years old, after she was adopted from Haiti. If you go back a couple of blog posts, you'll see her family in "Ella's Sweet 16 Surprise". But this birthday mini shoot looked a bit different than her sister's. My girl Betchina, was very comfortable in a classic, summery white dress, with her own added flair of a pair of black Doc. Martins. Her demeanor is shy and reserved, but once you spend a little time with her, her spunky personality shines right through! And her smile is simply captivating!

Originally, our plan (her mother and I), was to have a mini photo shoot and then have a few of her close friends show up to surprise her in the middle of her shoot. My goal, was to capture the surprise as they walked up behind her. Well.. sometimes things don't go according to plan, because she turned around too fast when she heard their approaching footsteps! We all had a good laugh, and she still had a genuine look of surprise on her face. We concluded the shoot with her friends, as they all were able to participate in a fun balloon pop on the street. What put the icing on the cake for Betchina was, her parents planned a special dinner for her to enjoy with the girls out front in the yard. The gift of friendship, complete with lovely flowers and a candlelight dinner... full of laughter and joy to celebrate a milestone another memory for the books. It's even sweeter to have watched this little gem grow up so fast, into a charming young woman. Cheers to quarantine birthdays!!

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